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Lex Fridman on Twitter drama over reading list
Lex Fridman on Twitter drama over reading list

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Lex Fridman on Twitter drama over reading list.

people ı love.

people ı love içeriğiyle BrightPath Tutors ‘ın sağladığı içerikle, size değerler getireceğini umarak daha fazla yeni bilgi ve bilgiye sahip olmanıza yardımcı olacağını umuyoruz.. ‘ın people ı love içeriğini izlediğiniz için içtenlikle teşekkür ederim.

  1. Evan M diyor ki:

    (a) The kind of person who would mock a book list like this is not worth very much to anybody, and (b) a conversation about this list with such a person will almost certainly reveal that they did not understand these books with any great depth. Read to the fullest, some of these books could sustain a person for a lifetime.

  2. big bang attack diyor ki:

    Books ive read that i think everyone should read. Most have had some or a lot of effect on my outlook as well as behavior.

    Knight of the Swords(prince corum trilogy)
    Memory Sorrow and Thorn trilogy
    Dragonlance: The Legend of Huma
    Horus Rising: The Trilogy
    Paradise Lost

  3. Rusty Shackelford diyor ki:

    Bizarre to me lol the air of pretension by these people. It’s a not so subtle flex saying, “hey I read a lot, I’m an intellectual.” Okay, well some people haven’t, and this is a good Introduction to literature with books that will help you develop a reading pattern. Years back, 1984 and BNW after a period of not reading frequently are what got me back into my rhythm of reading something everyday. These books have value. Just because some of the books or something you read in hs, doesn’t devalue their place. There wasn’t one book on that list that I would have decried as just a bad book. Some I prefer more than others, but that’s just opinion. Like you said, most people if they did read them hs, they didn’t get the full experience, and a truly great novel like these change with your life. It’s good to go back to the greats every 5-10 years to see how you’ve changed. I just really don’t understand this lol fucking weirdos

    Side note: anyone looking for something beautiful in this stagnate state of literature these days, should scoop McCarthy’s new books The Passenger and Stella Maris. Beautiful. 👏

  4. mani diyor ki:

    Thank you for sharing this.
    Your natural ability to display vulnerability with courage and authenticity is a rare power.

    It saddens me that individuals enslaved by their inner resistance need to tear people down, especially when they can't deal with their uncomfortable feelings toward someone else's success.

    I worry that the growing fuel of inner resistance has made some so aggressively competitive to the point of calculative destruction that no one will take the risk of being their authentic self. Where will that lead us? Having to create our own Avatar-like-persona to just exist in the world? Cause that's exhausting.

  5. GeorgeB diyor ki:

    As someone who was previously employed as a circulation desk librarian, when I saw people with Phd's insulting Lex's reading list, it made me glad I decided to avoid that self-righteous academic circle jerk and choose independent study. These critical ingrates can try to sound smart, but I doubt a single one of them will pass the test of time, ultimately fading into unknown obscurity. Good riddance, f' em and enjoy the books Lex.

  6. MoonpixyArt diyor ki:

    People are so weird. I’m sorry they bothered you. I’ve only recently discovered your channel, I’m going to subscribe right now. Hugs

  7. Szabó Bence diyor ki:

    Those people who mocked you for no real reason are the worst example possible. It's pretty much bullying which as a society we should be pushing back against and should have consequences. Not because of this occasion, but because this occasion showed even high profile people feel perfectly fine doing it.

  8. AdequateQuality diyor ki:

    This isn't surprising in the least. Twitter is a cesspool of clueless losers that are bored out of their lives enough to want to hate on everything imaginable. Glad I haven't touched that shit platform in the years I've been alive.

  9. Julien Poirier diyor ki:

    Lex, you don't know me but I've listened to hours and hours of you and I can promise you that you aren't a bad person. I think you know this. But you're just such an open person that you'll entertain almost any idea, but the idea that you're a "bad person" is ridiculous. it's obvious that you're full of love and truly want the world to be a better place for everyone. I appreciate you talking to people from all different perspectives, I think a lot of the pain in the world comes from people not understanding each other so anyone trying to genuinely seek out understanding while also giving a platform to the misunderstood is a net positive to the world. Everyone who knows you is rooting for you lex. Keep on being honest and open, lots of love man

  10. TheAnonymousMrGrape diyor ki:

    The funny thing is that there’s not really anything particularly controversial on that reading list. Almost every book on that list is a well respected classic. Maybe somebody would have a problem with Ender’s game because the author ended up being against gay marriage.
    Hard to imagine literally anyone seriously being upset about that reading list.

  11. Kriss Trent diyor ki:

    There is nothing silly about reading books. There are more important things, but not many. Your outlook, worldview was expanded by reading books. Your intellect was honed by reading books. Your personality softened, or your resolve was hardened by reading books. The person you have become was formed by reading books.
    Don’t apologize or disparage your love of reading as a little hobby. Yes it’s personal, but it can also be gravely important. I believe that if a greater number of people in this world read books at all, society would probably be in better shape in every metric. Then, if those people read timeless classics like the Bible, “The Brothers Karamazov”, “Moby Dick”, or even the “Chronicles of Narnia”, we would live in a very different world.

  12. scmooc films diyor ki:

    they look like good books I don't get why there's any controversy, It just proves how much people want to hate these days

  13. 32 diyor ki:

    Man's Search for Meaning is the book I give to someone if they're going through a really difficult time — break-up, loss in the family, etc.

    It helped me immensely and I keep a couple copies on hand in case I need to give one to a friend in need.

    A life changing book.

  14. skyantenna diyor ki:

    а мне всегда всю жизнь говорят, что я все не так делаю. Не так управляю компанией, не так расставляю приоритеты. Не всегда приятно, но я привык. Это видимо такая часть пути, если не хочешь идти со всеми в ногу 🙂 Привет из Украины, Лекс!

  15. ashtonthemelon diyor ki:

    This is what social media is, Lex. It is a constant state of peacocking. Using every inch to levy yourself above others. Most people haven't read Foundation by Isaac Asimov. And even if they had, Les Miserables is my favorite book of all time. It is almost the perfect novel in my eyes. I am beyond lucky to have had it presented to me. This criticism of commonality makes no sense. It's like calling the Bible stupid because it has been around a long time.

    Moments like these are what we have all had online. Sharing something personal and fun, and clowns behind a screen try to pretend it is something stupid. Something they wouldn't say face to face because they are cowards. Lex, with all sincerity, with all the beautiful words available to us born from the Tower of Babel itself, I choose these words:

    "Fuck these guys. Read your books."

  16. Татьяна Шевчук diyor ki:

    That was painful to listen to. I couldn't even imagine people like Lex could be affected by random hate in comments

  17. Frost diyor ki:

    There is no universe in which these peoples opinions matter, you are a good person and those are good books and those people just want to be pseudo intellectuals.

  18. Sey N diyor ki:

    Just wanna say if it's mean anything: I saved that list for myself and gonna read something from it. And pretty sure there plenty of people like me. So that list is useful to people!
    So don't listen to those bitter Twitter mob. Twitter is a dumpster anyways

  19. scottietoohotti diyor ki:

    Lex. It hurts me to see you get upset. Please don’t let other people’s opinions effect you. I am sure they are not doing for society what you are doing. Your podcast helped me through the worst 2 years of my life. I have been in bed for 2 years with anxiety and depression and now fibromyalgia. You kept me company, you are educated me, you made me laugh, you made me fall asleep. I am now on the road to recovery and doing better. You are so important in this world right now. I tell every one to subscribe and listen. Thank you for every thing you do. Please never change.

  20. Clif B. diyor ki:

    The older I get, the more I find, the peoples opinions, their likes and their dislikes are more about how they relate to things rather than how those things relate to them Who gives a fuck what they think Also never meet your heroes

  21. JT Yearsley diyor ki:

    You don't strike me as a "fire back" type of guy when it comes to receiving such mockery, I feel like you would almost certainly take the high road. But it's very obvious that anyone who mocks this list for be "basic" is not only extremely insecure, which would be the first shot fired in retaliation by most, but genuinely lacks the intelligence to garner insight from the books you listed. Reading is one thing, comprehending is another. So at the end of the day, their insecurity is well placed in themselves.

  22. Demiurge 86 diyor ki:

    Well, I feel like an asshole now. It is a great list. I admire you lex, even though you’re a slippery Russian fuck who’s been attacking my country.

  23. Rogerkonijntje diyor ki:

    Lex you have nothing to prove. Also, i recognise (you might not remember at all) that i said harsh words in your direction (if you remember, you remember) on these yt comments. Know that i did not mean it like that. Also, yes i know your black belt in bjj, yes you can easily kill me :p But i thought you would take it as a motivation, not as an attack. We love you bro. Haters gonna hate, because they envy you, and they dont want to do the work. Or, they cannot understand what motivates you, because they cannot grasp how ppl like you think. That is really all. We love you brother. You cannot have real friends, without having "enemies". That just means you have a distinct personality. Wich is great <3

  24. klgamit diyor ki:

    Every criticism is good in the sense that you can learn something from it. Even if the criticism is deliberately meant to harm, you can learn a lot from it (even if only to learn about the intention and character of the people that express this criticism). First of all, by approaching it more philosophically and not being hurt, you will neutralize whoever is trying to harm you. Because if there is something to learn from it, you should say thank you very much, and explain what you've learned. If there is nothing to learn from it, this can also be explained. If you do this, you will very quickly filter out and discourage those who mean harm, and ensure that most of the criticism you receive will be constructive one that there's really something to learn from. All the best…

  25. SleestakJones diyor ki:

    Lex, When you perform like Mozart you are going to get lots of Salieris. Don't let people who cant find happiness in their own achievement get you down. You outlook and conduct generates the most inspiring podcast that currently exists. keep it up.

  26. IronBrown diyor ki:

    I have been watching Lex since the AI Podcast started, I am pretty sure he is not a bad human being. In my perspective Lex is a very sincere, compassionate and humble person, I have a hard time seeing any bad in there. Maybe his detractors need a hug or something, it can be a painful world to live in at times sometimes that pain get's transferred onto others outside of the negativity that is felt inside.

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