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Molybdenum  - A Metal That Forms Weird Solutions!
Molybdenum – A Metal That Forms Weird Solutions!

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Molybdenum – A Metal That Forms Weird Solutions!.

amonyum molibdat.

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  1. Paul B diyor ki:

    I bought a bag of tungsten disulfide sulfide powder online and saw complaints that it was Molybdenum instead. How can I test to see which it is? Thanks

  2. Michel777 diyor ki:

    As an expert on Molybdenum Tetrachloryde stuff, i have to admit i have no clue what you're talking about but it sounds awesome

  3. AP chemistry course diyor ki:

    Greetings, Mr.Maxim Bilovitskiy what a fascinating video of yours indeed Molybdenum is a weird Element, and watching it form solutions was interesting and mind-blowing, and watching the video was fascinating fulfilled with needed information about the Element, keep up the good work Best of Luck.

    I would like to know what camera are you using to film your videos because I opened my channel back when I was 12yrs old teaching chemistry but until now I don't know what type of camera to use but after watching your videos iv decided to get one like yours if you don't mind would you inform me what type of camera are you using.

    Thank you From: ( AP Chemistry course)

  4. Dave B diyor ki:

    In russia are guns as freely available like in the US? In the US you can buy just about any gun with an ID and an "honor system" BS check list. I would think russia would be more controlled then this? In some state a concealed hand gun permit cost $5 and takes two days to get

  5. Koshchey diyor ki:

    I cannot easily get ultratrace Molybdenum into solution for ICP-MS analysis. I do not wish to use HF. I obtained the greatest recovery from a certain bio-inorganic matrix with the application of heat in open vessel to a mixture of concentrated nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide in the presence of trace HCl and trace anionic surfactant. I am trying to create an ICP-MS method for 44 (current) to 90 (goal) isotopes on a unique, poorly-studied matrix.

    The use of pressure and high temperature digestion, which is not available to me for routine and scalable analysis, otherwise gives me perfect recovery of Molybdenum with Nitric acid and Hydrogen peroxide alone.

  6. pistonwristpin1 diyor ki:

    Sure gave a new meaning to the term “chrome Moly,” not just for welding anymore. Now I know why it’s in my vitamins, and excavator grease too!

  7. Honour&Love &honour diyor ki:

    The way Tolstoy, mashes through the English language during his 20 minute speech. Is enough destruction to stop the advancement of science at one sitting. I can still hear him grinding away, even after the video has stopped! He truly is the painful Russian!

  8. darkracer125 diyor ki:

    look. accents like from your country sound absolutely badass. but can you try to make it less thick? i can barely understand what is said

  9. Per technetyl diyor ki:

    Molybdenum in a body is not a mineral. This is a common "abbreviation" used especially in America, but it is wrong. A mineral is exclusively a crystalline compound that forms naturally. The biogenic organomolybdenum compounds are not crystalline and, as such, they are MINERAL SUBSTANCES, but not minerals.

  10. Per technetyl diyor ki:

    Molybdenum actually does occur naturally as a free metal. Actually, there are two minerals that are the native (natural) metallic molybdenum. One is called molybdenum and is known, e.g., from the Moon, but also from Kamchatka volcanic fumaroles. The other one, known mainly from extraterrestrial bodies, is hexamolybdenum (hexagonal polymorph of the otherwise cubic = isometric molybdenum). The two minerals are extremely rare and their crystals and grains are invisible by either naked eye or even a simple binocular. https://www.mindat.org/min-10320.html https://www.mindat.org/min-10320.html

  11. BasedGodEmperorTrump diyor ki:

    I work with this metal in manufacturing metal catalysts for oil refining. It's never the sole metal used in catalysts to which we add other metals with it. The two metals that's used with this is either Nickel or Cobalt. (NiMo) or (CoMo).

  12. Ritesh Chakraborty diyor ki:

    React the molybdenum with radium and see what happens… Don't worry it's not violent reaction….. Do it just and you will get 10000000 like instantly

  13. Eshan Pawar diyor ki:

    when I had seen your channel. a few years ago it was small but now you have almost every element on it I'm so proud lol

  14. Limitha Mereddy diyor ki:

    can we separate or study about the different molybdenum compounds of different oxidation state in the complex black solution using chromatography?

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