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The Portal Paradox
The Portal Paradox

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The Portal Paradox.

fizik portalı.

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  1. dah24 diyor ki:

    I like this. Great to take a couple minutes and formulate your own theory then resume the video. Very thought provoking. (Also Portal ❤)

  2. jirodyne diyor ki:

    Screw the numbers, screw the science, screw the formulas. Think of it this way. There is a Portal Standing up, level to the ground, 10 feet away. It's the exit, Blue. There is an Orange portal in front of you. It's heading right for you at 500 miles an hour. What happens when it goes over you and you go 'Inside' the 500 miles an hour portal?

    Well, by this guy's belief and logic, the second you go 'In', you would shot out of the Blue portal at 500 miles an hour. For no reason. It makes no sense. Logically, it would go over you, and you would suddenly be 'Teleported' to the ground on the other side of the Blue Portal, and have not moved, you gain no momentum, nothing changes. The portal you go into, has no physical effect on the Exit.

    However, the EXIT portal, I believe effects your speed. If the entrance is standing still, but the Exit is moving 500 miles in the air, that Exit will effect your Momentum, the same way a Train Does, Based on Relativity. If a Portal Exit is moving 500 miles, and you run through at 5 miles, you are moving 5 miles more than the portal exit. To YOU, you are just moving 5 miles, but to anyone watching, you are going 505 miles. The same issue of you walking on a moving train, vs someone watching you in the distance walking on a moving train.

    However, that is only the Exit. I don't believe the speed of the Entrance matters at all, only the exit. And easy test to prove this is Objects falling forever. A portal above and below each other creating a falling loop. By this video's Logic, since the portals are not moving, you should not gain any speed going through. But Gravity pulls you down to terminal velocity. By this video's logic, such a thing shouldn't happen. The second you hit the portal, your speed should reset to the speed of the portal, which isn't moving. You should not be able to be Accelerated by Gravity. Only if the portal is moving, should your speed be changing over time.

    But there is another way to prove it's wrong. This video focuses only on a portal moving TOWARDS you. What about AWAY from you? If you do the Falling forever portal, but the one in the air above, if it moves upwards at say 50 miles an hour, it's moving away from you. Would you be exiting the portal slower? Or since it's farther away and you fall faster into the open below do to Velocity, does it counter gravity and you always leave the moving portal at the same speed? And what if the top is the one standing still, and the bottom one is moving away, but not fast enough to outrun you? If it's moving away at 50 miles an hour, and you reach it at 55 miles an hour. Do you come out of the exit at 55 miles? or just 5 miles?

    This video does not goes into enough details about the many different situations that need to be tested.

  3. Sean Wheeler diyor ki:

    I think if the orange portal were to lower onto the stationary cube, the cube would remain stationary until most of it's mass sticks out of the blue portal, and then the gravity would shift based on where the blue portal is, and if it's on a ceiling or a wall, the cube would simply fall out.

  4. Gutek YT diyor ki:

    I am strongly in favor of A
    The poertals as far as I can tell are holes in the fabric of reality so there is no reason for the velocity of the portal to affect the velocity of the object
    I will give an example that will help in visualizing it
    if we have a piece of fabric (for example blanket) with a hole in the middle, then once we throw an object through the hole, it will enter and exit with the same velocity (if we exclude air pressure)
    if we put portals on the opposite sides of the same wall we will get the same effect
    another example that is far more relevant would be placing an object on the table and then covering it with the same piece of fabric from the previous example
    the object passes through the hole but that doesn't change it's velocity
    it doesn't just shoot at the ceinling xD

  5. Atsu Kana diyor ki:

    It should just come out of the portal quickly as the object itself has no velocity I imagine.

    Essentially the object just kind of comes out of the other end and gradually takes on the physics of the other end resulting in it just rolling on the ground a little bit.

    Thinking of it this way, the object is simply now in another place, doing what it was already doing as it normally would. The speed of the portal only changes how soon they come into contact with eachother, not what the cube is doing relative to itself.

  6. Robyn diyor ki:

    This is kind of stupid. It's not a paradox you are just way overthinking what would happen. If a house fell on me and I was standing in the open window no force acts on me unless I am hit by the house. Obviously the answer is A. You are assuming that the portal is acting on the object in some way when it isn't, it's just an open window.

  7. Anton Larsson diyor ki:

    It's obviously option A.

    The portals are just like doorframes. If a doorframe falls around you, i.e. you go through the doorframe without moving, do you magically shoot upward with previously nonexisting momentum?

  8. Perfect idiots diyor ki:

    so what if a portal on a wall is connected to a portal on the roof on the box is half way through will it fall through or just sit on the floor .

  9. Justin H diyor ki:

    This is pretty much why portals aren't allowed on moving surfaces, though it makes me wonder how gravity effects objects near portals… sounds like an absolute headache. The last problem sounds like it would be C, if the box starts to enter the portal at the left end and finishes when at the right end, then the exit needs to reflect that in real time as well, so effectively exiting at an angle.

  10. AterLupus diyor ki:

    Depends on how it works. If moving portals don't allow movement, then the item wouldnt fall through. If they do, it would most likely go at an angle. The position of the item as it moves through the portal shifts, but the output location would still be 1-to-1 between portals, creating angular momentum. Easier for me to imagine a longer narrower item. The item would likely start to shift even on the part that hasn't entered the portal yet as the new momentum pulls on the item.

  11. mediumstyle diyor ki:

    Listen, I know I'm about to argue with someone who knows their shit, but I contend that your supposition that portal travel velocity being relative, that being that the object's momentum relative to the portal is conserved when the object travels through the portal regardless of whether the object or the portal is moving, is incorrect. Yes, portals are fictional and can behave any way we want them to, but using the game Portal as an example (generally how most people visualize portals these days), they themselves never move. You can never shoot a portal onto a moving object, just white walls. Also, portals are just openings in space time. They themselves are just empty air with no mass, therefore, if a portal was to rush very quickly towards a stationary object, the object would remain stationary, just now on the exit end of the portal. The portal is not exerting any force whatsoever on the object causing it to move. So if the portal was to stop halfway on a stationary object, you would simply just see half of the object on either end of the portal.

  12. MeatSim9 diyor ki:

    Before watching, I will say A.

    The portals maintain the momentum of the objects flying through them, but the Cube has NO momentum, as IT is not moving, the portal is. Once through the portal, the cube is now on an angled plane, and will slide off to the side.

    Haha, and I was trying to write this before I looked at the comments, which worked out because 3 years ago I also commented that the answer is A.

  13. OPSC diyor ki:

    Hows does B mean momentum is conserved, the portal isnt giving any momentum to the block so youd be creating momentum surely?

  14. T Gamer diyor ki:

    Yeah no, A is the correct answer. You might be able to get a little distance if you slammed the orange down fast enough due to gravity quickly shifting.. Fact is, the portals momentum doesn't matter it's the objects momentum which means at any given time in this example the only force being put on the cube is gravity and all that changes is the direction of which the force is coming from. I have no idea how anyone could come to the conclusion that the correct solution would be B….

  15. SanakanCibo diyor ki:

    Hmm, theory. Replace the cube with a dense block of as many people as you could in a walled space. Set up the portals as such above (orange down placed on piston pedestal, blue on arched/ angled surface)… now what would happen? Grim yes, but the physics of said experiment determine how the portals behavior in relation to velocity with say a cube would be. Fact is, an object entering a portal needs to already be in motion or be placed under extreme pressure (to give it that potential energy) for it to “shoot” out the other portal. The portals, no matter how fast they’re moving, act as an access point for a frame of time. Sure get them up to light speed may change things, but it may also trap you.

    Instead, the best you could do is have a normal portal on a wall, and one on a surface of a supersonic aircraft or low-orbit craft. Face the later backwards, not the direction of the craft. If you walk through (with protection) and there’s enough momentum, then theoretically you should gain some as well. Though I doubt it’d be much before it’d taper off. I could be wrong, but I don’t see any portals to test this on. Fun to think about though.

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