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Things I LOVE About FRENCH PEOPLE | French People Traits, Quirks & Characteristics 🇫🇷
Things I LOVE About FRENCH PEOPLE | French People Traits, Quirks & Characteristics 🇫🇷

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Things I LOVE About FRENCH PEOPLE | French People Traits, Quirks & Characteristics 🇫🇷.

people ı love.

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  1. TMD3453 diyor ki:

    Love how being cultured and socially integrated is part of success. Haven’t experienced being able to strongly disagree and still be friends yet but sounds great- ideas shouldn’t get in the way. Loved this video. Glad you are doing fine! 🇫🇷🇳🇿

  2. Ahulani diyor ki:

    I didn’t know where to post this, but did you know New Zealand was the furthest place in the world from Paris or the South of France? Come back quickly!!!❤😂

  3. Coye Camille diyor ki:

    Thanks for your fantastic videos, I love them!
    You are so right on the debates that do not turn ugly! My roomate and I used to disagree on many things and we debated a lot but we got along (and still do) very well! It is not about changing the other's opinion indeed, it is instead to understand it and test your arguments againt theirs to deepen your understanding of the topic I think.

  4. Cacilia Why diyor ki:

    Germans and French are more alike than they would like to believe. German bluntness or you could say audacity is world-famous. I am wearing my house slippers right now.

  5. Health Within Acupuncture and TCM and TCM diyor ki:

    I identify with so much that you speak of ( although, historically, I have French ancestors on both sides of my family)I love to talk about many topics beyond the personal. I’m insatiably curious and love a good debate without resentment. I was also discussing the meaning of success with my children recently. They see “successful” people yet these people are often pushing themselves to such extremes and destroying themselves both physically and possibly mentally. Aside from a video about cultural differences, this is another topic worth debating; what is success? Modern English speaking cultures certainly need a lesson in this. Thank you for this! ( now I just need a willing debater… lol)

  6. P_B diyor ki:

    One of the two essay thematic for Sciences Po's Concour Commun (a Grande Ecole, one of the most prestigious in France) is food. YES, it is a serious subject.

  7. Pieter D diyor ki:

    The slippers thing is because the French also don't take off outdoor shoes when they go indoors so there's a lot of dirt on the floor not cool for bare feet and also there is never any floor heating in like they have in Scandinavian countries and the US, so the floors can be really cold if they are not wooden, but of tiles. The houses in general are cool in winter because the houses are not well isolated and the electricity or "fioul" is considered expensive.

  8. Rashed Al rashed diyor ki:

    Hi. I’ve some questions about the French ppl and culture. 1- when they get up , they have their breakfast, then they wash their mouth and brush their teeth. 2- they use butter when doing it from the …back ! I 3- having a mistress is sooo common! I forgot the rest of the questions. Next time. Sorry dear. Greetings from Dubai.

  9. Tamara Madelin diyor ki:

    My French husband doesn't eat cheese…Except emmental on his gratin!!! Go figure and I constantly scratch my head…He says it's not 'cheese'…🤔

  10. Whiny The Poo diyor ki:

    As a half French – half Italian guy, YES !! i couldn't agree more. Food IS life !! Prove me wrong if you dare lol. The only thing you forgot mentioning is also the time we spend talking about food too. Can be a lot !
    Strikes … Yes, we are pretty famous or even mocked for that but as you said, it's definitely not about being lazy but fighting for our rights. We feel like sometimes politicians need to be reminded that they are actually our employees in a way. They are public servants, like any other. Not our boss.
    And nothing comes from nowhere ! Seems that no other country on earth goes on strikes more than France according to different studies. We love complaining and arguing anyway, as you already know ;
    Best healthcare system on earth according to the WHO, created in 1946 / 30 mandatory paid vacation days per year on top of 5 national holidays, increased since then but created in 1936, 14 days at the time and the same law established the 40 hours full-time work week / 16 weeks of paid maternity leaves, only for civil servants at first but created in 1929 / 'free" schools (paid thanks to our taxes sure but still), Jules Ferry laws established free education in 1881, then mandatory and laic education in 1882 … Ans "some" countries pretend all this would ruin the economy !? Yes, USA, looking at you …

  11. MesRevesEnRose diyor ki:

    Wow this was really interesting as a french speaker to realise my upbringing was so similar to French people despite never having lived there. For context, I am from a Belgian-colonised french-speaking African country and I also grew up a bit in Montreal. I could relate to a lot of things like always eating your meal at the table and the life hygiene things. Growing up I remember begging my parents for a TV in my bedroom and they thought it was a terrible idea, they also used to cut-off wifi after 11pm lol. At home we always wore pantoufles! And of course, family dinners were filled with passionate debate about the latest social topics. The perfect breakfast according to my parents was always good quality bread with butter and jam (or butter and honey) and some tea, yogurt and fruit. So many similarities it's crazy really. I have aunties who grew up similarly in the same culture and every little thing will be "c'est jolie, comme c'est beau ce petit chiffon" and "mon trésor, mon amour". And of course, always fake names on socials and hardly ever share anything. 😂 Sooo many similarities and what's weirder is I never questioned it. Growing up, I thought it was just my family's weird quirks. It's crazy when you think how far the influence of French language and culture has reached when it is so present in lived of people who never even lived there. Anyway, this just blew my mind. I gotta go lay down somewhere.

  12. Emilie Husillos diyor ki:

    Yes! CONVERSATIONS!!! I miss that so much…. Looking forward to heading back to France after 15 years in Aotearoa!!

  13. Valerie Wyndham diyor ki:

    Bonjour Rosie, Well said!!
    Once again you did a very good job describing the French style, our way of thinking and seing life.

  14. J-Loo Senfout diyor ki:

    Hello Rosie,

    Thank you very much, a lot of information on each subject, it's very abundant.

    Of course, one could argue there are a lot of "clichés", but as a whole, it's very close to reality, so we can only agree. 😊

    Unfortunately, these are common values ​​that are in danger of disappearing quite quickly.

    I'm not convinced the younger generations will continue this culture for long when you see the place the smartphone has taken in their lives.

    In restaurants, on the table or most often in the hand, on the beach, in bed, in short, the smartphone invites itself everywhere.

    It has become very difficult in France to have a serious conversation (and this, whatever the age of the interlocutor) without being suddenly interrupted after 5 minutes, sometimes less, by a very impolite: "Excuse me!" Because the person is answering a call ( …No, I don't excuse you. Because it's very rude. But, since you don't even realize it, what do you want me to tell you? So politely, I'll answer you: "Please, do.").

    Your interlocutor then leaves in a wholly different conversation, and sometimes for quite a long time.

    We shouldn't get used to that. We lose all our values ​​like this.

    Answer the phone, why not? But, your answer should be almost all the time, consistent. "Hello, sorry, I'm chatting, I'll contact you later." And, you should hang up.

    That's true courtesy, respect for others. The phone should never take precedence over what you're currently sharing in the real world with another person. Because by doing so, you discredit her. You think what's going on your phone is more important than the person in front of you.

    Think about it.

    Peace, folks. ☮🤗

  15. tuneouttonite diyor ki:

    I find that most European countries are similar to your points here… slippers, conversation, natural beauty etc. 🙂 Thanks for your videos, very enjoyable!

  16. Athanase diyor ki:

    Bonjour Rosie,
    Very nice video with a lot of subjects. Very interesting. As an old French, I just want to notice that young generation (Z, etc) are more often without slippers, barefoot or with little socks. There are more houses with heat system by the ground. So, kids could play without slippers.
    Just a little thing about the constant need of debating for most of french people (mostly men ! why ?).
    The roots are deeps inside the earlier middle-age (VIII to X century) with the "scholastique" school and later the Sorbonne. One of the most appreciated learning wath the art of debate.
    This (so called) art is part of learning of philosophical doctorants since ever the university (Toulouse, Montpellier, Paris) existed (XI to XIII century).
    Today, law students learned "la plaidoirie" and always this art of debating. Point #1
    Since the third republic (1870), politic is in the hand of citizens (more or less) and debating, voting, struggling, striking, manifesting is the basic of french live. For the best or the worst.
    Voila une petite précision.

    Rosie, as always, i see your video with great pleasure.
    Take care. Have fun.

  17. Sam S diyor ki:

    Teenage Rosie eating cookies and playing Sims 4…I’m 30 and still do that!! I noticed the hygiene thing in Denmark too like my ex bf had a computer and tv in his room (it was a flat share) but it faced away from the bed which was interesting

  18. Maynard Greenhouses diyor ki:

    Funny how you mention they talk about weather. My theory if you can call it that is…the weather is a topic that’s neutral. It’s not politics and not religion so it’s easy to discuss.

  19. Clementine Clement diyor ki:

    Ah, the French and their slippers … If you wish to go really French about it, do purchase – causde the genuine, guaranteed ones aren't cheap- the Charentaises slippers. Used to be associated with old age but now they've become "branchées" (in), hip, trendy) . Also allowing small factories to go on with the production of those genuinely comfy, warm and high quality slippers. Vive les Charentaises françaises !

  20. Ale diyor ki:

    Not me watching this video while being on Calzedonia website looking for pantoufles and interior socks because my feet are so cold right now

  21. Dave diyor ki:

    11:04 I'm one of these people who are terrible at small talk, but get me started about world politics and you'll have to cancel your appointments for the rest of the day.

  22. Sharon Latour diyor ki:

    Bonjour Rosie, bizarrement je suis en Nouvelle Zelande en ce moment et ce n'est que maintenant que je peux mettre en contexte les choses que tu mentionnes dans tes vidéos. Je résumerai la chose simplement, les Français/francophones sont dans “l'être" et les anglos sont dans le "faire". J'ai rencontré beaucoup de personnes ici qui me parlent exclusivement des "tasks" – tu dois être là à telle heure, tu dois manger à telle heure, vous devez rendre la table à telle heure etc alors que pour moi je ne suis pas dutout dans la précision des tâches mais dans l'expérience du moment, je m'en fous un peu des milliers d'instructions pour toutes les choses. Par contre, j'ai beaucoup aimé les paysages dont Milford Sound hier, tout cela est magnifique.

  23. Brendan Davis diyor ki:

    Really enjoyed this one, and personally timely: I am literally about to go to Paris (in Jan) and be there if things go right for most of the year, then…going to NZ! I'll probably need to hire you as a trans-cultural life coach at some point.

  24. Nasty aaa diyor ki:

    Oh la je suis en avance 😂😂
    J’aimerais bien des vidéos sur la Nouvelle-Zélande, je trouve que y’a pas beaucoup de contenu sur le pays.. même si c’est pas vraiment le sujet de la chaîne ça pourrait être intéressant. La bise 😊

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