1. Create WP Site diyor ki:

    😃 Hey everyone, thanks for watching this wordpress how to change logo in header video. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

  2. Jakob Batek diyor ki:

    hEy, and what if it doesnt do a thing? I use the theme Embark, there is a demo-logo on it, but i cant get it off, neither the new one (done as you described it) shows up. hows that?

  3. Jon Herring diyor ki:

    I’m very new to WordPress and i had a logo in place but then i needed to make a slight change to the actual design of my logo, so i made changes and then when trying to follow these steps, when selecting the image i clicked on the button “insert media”… the media shows in the little menu box on the far left that the logo was inserted but it doesn’t ask me to crop and it also doesn’t show up on the site either. I’m not sure what is going on.

  4. Janis McCollum diyor ki:

    WordPress 6.0 doesn't come with a header option under appearance>customizer>site identity. Trying to remove theme logo and add my own with the ability to resize.

  5. Mark diyor ki:

    What if you go there and there is no 'logo' section above Site Title? I have a logo up there from a previous editor/site manager person but I can't figure out how to change it…? I don't have the 'logo' section as you show here…?

  6. Panagiota Kutsukos diyor ki:

    What if the template comes with a logo that you don't want, like someone else's name? I can't find where to edit that (nothing under header, for example).

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